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Midland Motorcycle and Driving School

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Midland Motorcycle and Driving School
Free 1 hour lesson



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About Midland Motorcycle and Driving School

Welcome to Midland Motorcycle & Driving School and thanks for taking the time to look at our website. I have been driving cars and riding motor bikes for 35 years.  After a decade working on the mines I decided to follow my passion and become an instructor. After achieving my Cert 4 in Training and assessing I worked for another riding school and then bought Midland Motorcycle School. 

We offer great auto driving lessons in Midland and Perth, and all areas between. With our highly effective teaching methods, our patient, friendly driving instructor Guy.

Midland Motorcycle School started in 2001 and since then has built a great reputation, I have owned the school since January 2015. I have qualified in Cert 4 workplace training and assessment my and Instructors license is #6854.

My commitment to you is to instruct you how to ride or drive safely, in a friendly and patient environment. I will help you to learn good habits and the right attitude for safe and successful motoring. I fully understand that beginners are often nervous and apprehensive.

Lessons can be booked for 1hr, 1 ½ hrs or 2 hrs and training is one on one.  Please see the section below for pricing.

The cost of the hire of the car/bike, equipment and training is all inclusive. The same car or bike is also used to attempt your practical test.

For those learning to ride a motorcycle, the helmet and Learner vests are provided for you. I do request that you wear trousers, adequate footwear and long sleeves. I also provide wet weather gear for damp days.

Your Learners Permit must accompany you on all lessons.

Pricing for car driving lessons:

1 Hour Lesson


90 Minute Lesson


2 Hour Lesson


Pricing for motorcycle lessons:

1 Hour Lesson


90 Minute Lesson


2 Hour Lesson


Perth driving lessons

Get your car license from just $55 per hour, $75 per 1 ½ hrs or $100 for 2hrs (Prices are subject to change).

Motorcycle lessons in Perth

Get your motorcycle license from just $70 per hour, $105 per 1 ½ hrs or $140 for 2hrs (Prices are subject to change).

Our teaching vehicles
Hyundai Getz two door

Starting at $55/hour

Vehicle Type: Hatchback

2 Doors, 5 Seats

Engine: 1100cc

Transmission: Automatic

Honda CB125

Starting at $70/hour

Vehicle Type: LAMS

Engine: 125cc

Transmission: Manual

Kawasaki ER6

Starting at $70/hour

Vehicle Type: R Class

Engine: 650cc

Transmission: Manual

How will I learn?

My program begins in a car park where I teach basic skills. From there you will come out on the road as your skills progress.

Basic skills to be covered are – Clutch control to move and change gears. Throttle control for safe movement and smooth acceleration/deceleration. Braking to slow and stop safely and quickly if the need arises.

These skills will be practiced so that you are able to control the vehicle anywhere.

On the road I teach hazard perception and safe and preferred road positioning. My aim is to teach you the skills for safe and fun driving after you have passed your practical test.

Please feel free to ask questions at anytime. The question that you feel too silly to ask may be the one that will keep you safe!

The guidelines for a pass in a license situation are quite stringent and require more than being able to just ride a bike or drive a car. The examiner will look for a demonstration of vehicle handling skills, safe road positioning, observation, and a good working knowledge of the road rules along with confident riding and driving.

All of this will be taught to you during your program and you will be advised of when I think you would be getting ready to undertake your test. I will also advise you of when I don’t think you will go so well. I won’t stop you from attempting a test unless I personally think your skill level isn’t safe.

For motorcycle lessons I provide helmets with an attached intercom for rider-to-rider communication, but if you have your own, you are welcome to wear it.

Please consider the well being of others, if you have symptoms of cold or flu or other contagious things, do the right thing and postpone your lessons. If you present yourself for a lesson with symptoms, you will likely be refused your lesson.

Learning Has Never Been Easier

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Getting a permit

First head into your local Dept of Licensing. Take $90.00 along with sufficient identification to satisfy the Licensing Dept. (check with Licensing as charges may change). Go to the enquiries counter to start the testing procedure.

You will be required to do an eye chart test for vision and then a road rules question test, multiple choice answers.

Once you have passed these tests then you go and pay for your learners permit.

It is strongly recommended to seek lessons to get understand the controls of the vehicle.

Once you have a permit you can now organise lessons with myself to learn the basics in a safe carpark.

Learning to ride or drive will be inclusive of vehicle familiarisation, learning the controls, movement, turning, gear changing and braking.

Once that you demonstrate a competence to operate the vehicle we will go on the road around quiet suburban streets to gain confidence and reinforce the learning process and refinement of operation.

As you progress you will be taken to busier roads and around possible testing circuits for familiarisation.

During the learning process there will also be lots of focus on sensible techniques and road and hazard perception.

Once your skill level is up to a standard then you will attempt an independent practical test through the licensing centre.

What our customers say

Guy helped me get my license with his easy to follow instructions and friendly attitude. Thanks Guy.

Wayne Evans

I just passed my RE test first time with Midland Motorcycle & Driving School.
Guy is a great instructor and nice bloke with safety being of priority. He has a good combination of calmness and firmness and will tell you straight up when you do something wrong which is what is required to stay safe and pass your test. Will be back in 12 months to do my R class license.

David Moore

Great school, Guy is a top bloke and a great trainer highly recommended. passed my R class first shot. thanks again mate will highly recommend you to anyone.

Joey Zito

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